Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More "Inappropriate" Images

Wacy & Fans
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I thought these images from the Stanford game might be appropriate at this time before I'm accused of drinking my own blood as well. Again, it wasn't the best day for me, so I'm NOT posting these as a way of saying, "Hey man, look at these great photos!" …because they are not. However, for those Stanford fans who aren't too bitter from my comments, perhaps you'll find some value in these three images… or maybe not.

I think it's important to state here that this project isn't really a "sports photo" project, something that could easily be overlooked by those looking for more conventional photo-journalistic coverage. Rather, I think of them as images of our culture through the lens of small town football and that's why I've included images and essays of referees, the towns, the coaches, the gridiron settings and even the happy and sour fans who attend. Some of it's flattering, some of it not. I know everyone won't be happy with my approach, but that happens when one takes on a complex and emotional subject like high school football.

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