Monday, October 09, 2006

Rumblings in the West

Trojan Starters
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Did I read that right, Drummond 56, Sheridan 20? And Sheridan recorded the first touchdown of the game! What the...

Well regardless—someone pinch me… another team has scored three touchdowns against the invincible Trojans—did someone slip a couple grams of kryptonite into Superman's Wheaties too? When was the last time that happened? That's about as many touchdowns scored on the Trojans during the entire season last year.

My eyes drifted aimlessly across the sports page as I couldn't even comprehend the other scores around the state upon reading the Drummond-Sheridan score.

OK, I know this doesn't mean the wheels have fallen off the football juggernaut in Drummond, Montana, but this has to be good news to all the other teams that might face the three-time, consecutive state champs in the upcoming playoffs—perhaps the Trojans are human, finally.

And maybe it's not much to go on, but—thanks to the Sheridan Panthers—there is now a small ray of hope for all the other title contenders in the state.

Of course the other possibility is that Drummond is as good as they've ever been, only Sheridan is loaded for bear as well. And let us not forget last year when we were only one game away from an all-Western Class C title game as Park City eliminated a pesky Twin Bridges in the semi-finals, thus securing the last dance with the Trojans.

Lastly, Sheridan's loss to Drummond wasn't their first. Two weeks ago Sheridan lost to Twin Bridges, 40-26 and Drummond doesn't meet up with Twin Bridges until the last week of the regular season.

Surely everyone in Class C eight-man is keeping one eye on Drummond as the playoffs approach, but it appears that the Falcons of Twin Bridges were no fluke in last year's playoffs while Ed Burke's Sheridan Panthers can't be discounted either in light of their moral victory against the Trojans.

Should we be surprised if the title game is a Western conference rematch? Maybe not, but I'd be downright shocked if the West wasn't represented in the title game at all.


Anonymous said...

I think that probably was a legitimate score, and I bet the Drummond Trojans become an even better football team because of it. I know the 8-man football world would love it if you were at the upcoming Twin Bridges vs. Drummond game so that those of us who can't be there can benefit from your insights. I garuntee that Twin Bridges is much better than the #7 ranking the media has put on them. If my sources are correct, a win against Twin Bridges would give the Trojans an all-time Montana record for consecutive wins.

Peter Griffin said...

The truth is, Drummond is down this year. They know they are so they play timid and Sheridan knew they were so they played with confidence. I would probably crap myself if it was an all West title game. West is overrated, they all just leach onto Drummonds success.

Stuart Griffin said...


If the west is overrated how do you explain Twin Bridges last year? Twin was the #3 team out of the West in the playoffs and went on to beat They beat #1 in the North Centerville and then played #1 in the South Park City to a very close game in the semi-finals.

Notice that the only two divisions represented in the semifinals last year were the South and the West... so who really is overrated??? Looks like the East and the North to me.

peter griffin said...

They are overrated this year. So is Park City. Nice name.

Morgan said...

So, my question is, who is legitimately rated in Class C8? Go ahead, post your top five or ten teams lets compare. I haven't seen any of the top ranked teams play this year, so I'd be guessing.

I'd like to see that game in Ekalaka this weekend... If I were betting, I'd bet on a Wibaux win. The question is will it be close or another blowout?

stuart griffin said...

Here is my current top 10.

4.Park City
7.Twin Bridges

This doesnt differ much from what the press says. Drummond and Wibaux are no-brainers at the top. I have to put Centerville above Park City because they actually have good teams on their schedule.

Now here are my predictions of my final poll after the next two weeks.

4.(Winner of Stanford vs. Denton)
5.Park City
6.Twin Bridges
7.(Loser of Stanford vs. Denton)
I think Ekalaka will fall off my top 10 radar after getting absolutely destroyed by Wibaux just like Fairview did.

My vote for most overrated: Park C
My vote for most underrated: Twin B
My vote for most likely to surprise everybody: winner of Stanford vs. Denton

We are coming up on the best time of year "win or go home" time

peter griffin said...

I'm goin to the Ekalaka Wibaux game, gonna be fun....for probably a quarter.

Morgan said...

Impressive... I had forgotten about little ol' Denton; the other Trojans. Saw them in the '99 title game at Centerville. Their bus driver is a huge Ohio State fan and undoubtedly he's happy as a hog these days. I was surprised to see them drop the Winifred contest. Gosh, if they lose to Harlowton this weekend, that will be a real mess in the South.

I agree with you about "it's that time of year..."

Have fun Peter in Ekalaka!

Nice little article by Ed West about the status of Class C this year...

stuart griffin said...

Well that Winifred vs. Denton game really put a damper on my rankings didn't it! I did not see that loss coming at all. Now I must rethink how I will order the bottom half of my top ten.

I also heard a rumor that while Sheridan lost to Twin Bridges, it was due in-part to having 6 or more fumbles. Is there any truth to this? If so, Sheridan might be a big suprise team in the playoffs if they hold onto the ball. Unlike Peter, I agree with Morgan. I think the West is probably strong again this year and that Twin Bridges and Sheridan are two underrated teams right now. We will learn alot about the truth of that when we see and read about the Drummond vs Twin Bridges game in a week.

I agree the Ed West column was very good.

Have a great time in Ekalaka, Peter. Wish I could be there too. I look forward to getting on here sunday and reading your full scouting report ;-)

Morgan said...

Yes, the Sheridan turnover rumour is true. I spoke with their coach after their game with Drummond. I think he expects to lock horns again with Twin in the first round resulting in a different outcome. I've always been impressed with Sheridan's tackling (See my little entry "Nice to have met you.").

Peter and Stuart, perhaps we can meet up at a semi-final or final... I'll buy the hot dogs!

Morgan said...

Check... that essay about Sheridan is actually called "Sheridan's Valor." Dopey me, don't even know my own stuff.

stuart griffin said...

I see the score of the Wibaux vs. Ekalaka game was probably about what we would have predicted.

What were your thoughts on the game Peter? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each team?

Now that Denton lost to Winifred I would say that the outcome of the Denton vs. Harlowton game today will have big ranking implications as well. Can't wait to hear the score

Where will you be next week Morgan?
Can I get mustard on that hot dog?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the Sheridan / Twin Bridges game this weekend? Unbelievable . . .

Panther Fan