Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eight-Man's Illusion

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While driving around the back roads of Montana on any given autumn weekend, one could stumble upon a football game and if not paying attention, not realize it’s an eight-man game. Unlike the eleven-man version of football, eight-man is played on an 80 by 40-yard field (like six-man), but the extra players have a way of making the gridiron seem “occupied” in the same way an eleven-man contest occupies a standard sized gridiron. It’s only when one notices the missing wide receivers in an offensive formation with a full backfield or attempting to determine a defensive formation (i.e. 4-3-4, 6-2-3, etc.) that an epiphany results regarding this deficiency of players.


Anonymous said...

I really like how you explained the format of 8 man football. My high school team switched to 8 man a few years ago, and they are actually playing for the 8 man state championship in Iowa this weekend. 8 man is new to a lot of schools that can no longer compete with regular 11 man football because of drops in enrollment. I'm just glad there was someone around to explain it, I do understand that it is different than 11 man, but I still find it just as fun to watch!

Morgan said...

Indeed, if you like football and its concepts, you can't help but like almost any version of it. I even enjoy watching rugby. I hope you get the opportunity to witness a six-man game someday too; I think you'll get a real kick from that.