Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kickoff Hoopla

It Begins...
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As an “official” high school football blogger, I was sent an email about an upcoming movie dedicated to this year’s participants of high school football. The movie is titled Red Zone ’09 and will debut (for one night only) on August 25th in 460 movie theaters around the country. It features Tony Dungy and an entire line-up of other famed NFL players and coaches.

Here are the links...

After watching the promotional material on the web, I fantasized about the tiny movie house in Rudyard, Montana as one of the 460 theaters where Red Zone ’09 premiers. Rudyard is the home of the North Star Knights—a school and community located along Montana’s remote Hi-Line, not far from the Canadian border and where six-man football is the game.

And after watching Red Zone ’09, I started wondering about how the players and coaches of North Star would respond to (what appears to be) the ramped-up production.

They might dig it, or they might think to themselves, “Wow, what far-away world plays that version of of high school football?”

Footnote: The Hi-Line Theater in Rudyard is not one of the 460 theaters that will carry Red Zone ’09—I checked. Only theaters in Bozeman and Helena will carry the movie—about 300 and 200 miles respectively from Rudyard.