Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weather, The Home Field... Next

Post-Game Group Shot
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OK, it can snow now.

Another football season has come to a close and I’ve managed to not get myself stuck or stranded in the middle of nowhere as the result of travelling to some far-off gridiron game.

And though this past championship weekend in Montana was no tropical paradise, the snow stayed in the mountains even if the wind blew its cold across the football fields. In Denton, the sun was even shining, although wooly hats were still the preferred attire.

I found myself reminiscing about those warm-weather championship games of the past: Centerville 1999, Cokeville 2001, and Hysham 2007. I’ve been pretty lucky. Chalk it up to the benefits of global warming.

Beyond the fairly hospitable weather, I splashed out this final weekend of travel, overnighting at Big Timber’s Grand Hotel and then retreating to Lewistown’s Yogo Inn after Saturday’s shootout in Denton.

Lahr Unloads
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No Place Like Home?
So much for the home-field advantage—unless you’re a Huntley Project fan. Of the five Montana title games, only the Red Devils playing at home were victorious. Helena Capital, Billings Central, Wibaux and Denton all played host to someone who ended up wrecking their parties. I can only imagine that there must have been some pretty jovial bus rides as the victorious visitors made their way home on Saturday night.

What’s Next?
Although the football season is over as far as I’m concerned (OK, part of it remains as long as the Griz are chugging along), it still lives on here as I plan to tie up a few loose ends that I didn’t get to address this past season (or perhaps previous seasons). It would be nice if two to three postings per month materialized, but I’m not making any promises on football’s 26th day of December. I realize that many readers will lose interest as other sports heat up. However, upon their return sometime next August, they’ll find a backlog of postings to catch up on—priming them for the new season.

What’s on next year’s agenda for this small town football fan? Wibaux summer practice (if they’ll have me. I hear its tougher than Marine Corps boot camp), Charlo, Circle, Medicine Lake-Froid, Lincoln, more Wyoming six-man, and, with any luck, another visit or two into Idaho.

And this: Can we get some of Wyoming’s new six-man teams to play at least one Montana team during the regular season?

Which teams will be “up” next year and which will likely have a “rebuilding” year?

Go Griz (and their small town football contingency)...


Mark said...

Just wanted to say that it was good to meet you in Denton last weekend. We'll have to compare travel plans when the 2010 season comes around!

Jeff said...

Love your blog. It's fantastic. I do play by play for high school athletics in Idaho. My favorite games to call are the small schools. I called the 8 man division 1 and 2 championship games this season. Any chance you can make a trip to Idaho next year?

Morgan said...


I was in Mullan earlier this season for their game against Clark Fork. I'm planning a return trip to Mullan and possibly Clark Fork as well. I assume you read my post about the trip to Mullan...

Jeff said...

Good to hear you will be making a return trip to Idaho. Some of my play by play is with We love coming to the smaller schools and give them exposure. Give us a holler when you come to Idaho.

Coach McDonald said...

Regarding the weather for championship games, as someone who just moved from Illinois to Florida, it just didn't seem right to be watching the playoffs in 80 degree weather. I used to love bundling up to go the state championship games in Champaign, Il 20 degree weather.

On the other hand, these teams down here play year round down here, and it shows in their level of play.

Coach McDonald

Anonymous said...

What about Drummond? They have some great players to take the field soon!!

Morgan said...

Oh yes, Drummond. Great tradition, great location, great coaching and great athletes. Never count them out especially as they defend yet another title.