Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bracket Brouhaha

While most of the Wyoming teams are beginning the playoffs battling teams they’ve already seen during the regular season, the fun really begins this weekend in Montana Class C action as inter-conference play commences. The only problem is deciding on where to go in the sixteen small town high school football games scattered across Montana.

Six Man
In six-man action there should be plenty of excitement unless you’re a Lima Bears fan who will be travelling all the way to Savage to face a very good and undefeated Warrior team. Get out your Montana road map and just zen on the distance between those two locations. There’s an entire weekend lost to one football game that will still entail a bit of night driving. It’s going to be one long bus ride for the Bears no matter the outcome.

The Bridger Scouts are going to have their hands full in hosting the Richey-Lambert Renegades. Along with Augusta, Richey-Lambert is one tough third-seeded team. Look for the also-third-seeded Elks to give Great Falls Central Catholic all the action they can handle too.

Eight Man
The best game with the most uncertain outcome will likely be Power-Dutton-Brady at Culbertson—another long bus ride. It’s not often that a third-seeded team has only one loss during the regular season.

Wibaux had a close call with Circle late in their schedule (I’m still not sure what that was all about), so we’ll know much more about their degree of “Wibauxness” when they host road-weary Chester-Joplin-Inverness from way up north.

The Lynx of Lincoln visiting Joliet could be an interesting battle too. One has to wonder if these two teams have ever faced each other.

And on a sidenote: It was an odd year up north for the leaders in both classes of play—reminiscent of an M.C. Escher drawing. Specifically, PDB defeats Fort Benton, who defeats Chinook, who then defeats PDB. While in six-man, Augusta defeats Valier, then loses to Big Sandy, followed by Valier defeating Big Sandy. Talk about chasing one’s own tail.

Lastly, it’s nice to see some new blood in the playoff mix. So best of luck to White Sulphur Springs, Lincoln, Fairview, and Valier.


B. Petrick said...

Due to the fact that the comments on your "Chinook Surrealism" post has been turned off, I am posting my response here. Thank you.

"Not to take anything away from the Chinook Sugarbeeters and their convincing victory." But sir you have. By making these comments, you have taken away from this victory that these young men have worked hard to achieve. Wibaux and Chinook had the same opportunities, that is a fact, but your comments and doubt of how this game would have concluded in different conditions has put a dark cloud on a rousing victory. Every game unfortunately has a winner and a loser and despite harsh conditions, the Sugarbeeters came out ahead in this clash. I appreciate that you are executing your first amendment right of free speech; however I do not appreciate your obvious lashing out at people who are executing their first amendment rights by commenting on your blog. Your belittlement of these reactions says to me that you are the type that can dish it out but cannot take it. You have your opinion and many others have their own opinion, therefore if you are going to make a controversial claim in a public forum, I suggest you should be prepared for the backlash. I would like to congratulate both teams on an excellent season and I hope that no one from Wibaux has to experience in the future what you have made a small town full of hard working people experience here in your not very well thought out blog.

Anonymous said...

To the creator of this blog,
You are addressing this to people that are sports fans. I don't care who or where you are, if you have any love for sports, you are a competitive person. Anyone that is feeling attacked is going to be on the defense and defend themselves. It's not about the shoes that one player wore, it's about who comes out to play on that given day and if you have ever played sports you know this. If the tables were turned, and the other team was reading this about their kids, they would react the same way. As a mother or father you naturally protect your child from any hurt that the world tries to create and shield them from it. I wouldn't call Chinook fans "bad" winners, they are just upset because their boys worked hard and then to have someone suggest that they might have cheated is hurtful no matter what team you are from. You have to realize that some of these comments are made by teens and they are expressing their hurt and defending their town and maybe themselves. The Wibaux teens would react the same way. Small towns are in a way are like family and Chinook has amazing school spirit as do the Wibaux team I'm sure and all of the schools in MT. Also, you are writing about a small town and if you were ever raised in a small town you know how fast word travels even more so these days with the internet. So with that being said let the kids from Chinook enjoy their victory and let them be proud. This is in response to your write up about the Class C Championship.

Morgan said...

I was away and simply wanted to keep the "lewdness" factor to a minimum... don't panick. The "Chinook Surrealism" is reopened for comments. Tear it up if you wish.