Monday, August 29, 2011

Just In Time For Christmas?

Temples Cover by mdt1960
Temples Cover, a photo by mdt1960 on Flickr.
Some people are really good in promoting themselves or the things they make. Honestly, I don’t know how to go about it and even if I really knew how, I’d be reluctant.

Hell, I’m even reluctant about writing this here.

Nevertheless, here goes nothing. Call it “shameless self-promotion,” I’m guilty as charged. But, I’ll only mention it here and this one time.

I have a book that is available for purchase (see sidebar).

The book is not a compilation of everything you see in this blog, rather it is one chapter or one installment about one of the particulars of small town high school football—in this case it’s about the football fields where small town football is played.

NPR’s sports correspondent Mike Pesca was generous enough to write the foreword. So, a big “thank you” to Mike.

This first book is only 36 pages and not cheap, but those are the circumstances of self-publishing using an on-demand print provider ( However, you can preview the book at no cost in case you can’t justify the dough of a purchase. Have at it… anyway you can.

Because it is only 36 pages, I couldn’t publish every football field I’ve ever visited. So, the good folks in Reed Point (for example) will be a bit let down to know that their nice little stadium adjacent to I-90 did not make the cut. Fear not however, there are other books to consider and I’m confident that Reed Point, its team, or some incarnation of playing football there will eventually make it to a page or two in a future installment.

Someone might be asking about right now, “When’s the next installment?” I’m thinking next year about this same time as another season begins.

Then of course there’s, “How many installments will there be?” Somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-12, but if I have my way, a “real” publisher will come along and rescue me from such long-term torment.

We’ll have to see. It might be just pie in the sky especially if self-promotion is critical.

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oopipip said...

book ordered. thanks for effort in putting this out, Morgan. i'll looking forward to your blog entries for this season.