Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Winning With Gardiner

End Zone Seats, Second Deck by mdt1960
End Zone Seats, Second Deck, a photo by mdt1960 on Flickr.
It wasn’t in my long-term plan at the beginning of the football season, but I’ve seen the Gardiner Bruins play twice this year. Once in Harlowton, and the other day on their home field against Broadveiw-Lavina. Both times, the Bruins lost. In fact, over the years I’ve seen them play several times either away or at home, and I’m pretty sure, they’ve never won in my presence.

Perhaps for their sake, I’ll stop attending their games just in case I’m the cause. Yet, like all football teams, good and bad seasons come and go. No doubt, Gardiner will be a contender again before long—perhaps even notching another state title in a few short years.

Keep in mind, the Bruins did win it all in 1997 and have seen limited playoff action in recent years. So, it’s not like Gardiner has a bad gene pool when it comes to football players.

Regardless of the team’s win-loss record, Gardiner is one of the great places to watch a game. There are no lights, so almost all home games are played on Saturday afternoon with Electric Peak looming over the gridiron (weather permitting). Rumor has it, even bison from nearby Yellowstone National Park have been known to show up for a game. And after the game, you can get a great bite to eat at Rosie’s Café or wander in the Park for the remaining few hours of daylight… talk about a double feature.

As I get older, I find myself more frequently considering those places in the country where I might retire. Of course, one of my conditions is that it must be a small town and there must be a high school football team in the community. For those two reasons alone, Gardiner might be on my short list when it’s time to make that decision.


J.M. said...

I stumbled upon your blog and have very much enjoyed it. I saw my first 6-man game in Kaycee, Wyoming a few weeks ago.

This week I'm seeing two games in Montana. On Friday I'll see Garfield County play in Jordan, and on Saturday afternoon I'll see Grass Range/Winnett host Rosebud.

Enjoy the blog, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I can identify with that feeling of awe that you are expressing about watching games in Gardner, even though I have never been there. Last Wednesday I stood at the Lima vs Alberton game in Lima. I was watching a great football game on a pretty green field, but in the back ground towers the snow-covered Lima Peaks. The contrast was breath taking.

Mike Dougherty said...

I was through Gardiner in late August two years ago. We saw elk resting on the field early in the morning and the team practicing later. I thought, "what a great place to watch a game." Gardiner's great. Love your blog. Your book looks fantastic.

yellowbeard said...

Hi Logan ~ ! Loved your story on Highway 191~ ! Altho I'm from eastern Mt. I have driven these 2-lane roads driving east to west watching my niece play ball for Charlo and loved the small roads over the so called interstate. Always see mule deer or raptors during the day & night~ !And yes I have visited the small towns to look at historic sights if time permits~ ! I purchased your book Temples and liked it but wish there was more for the price. Hope you are well and Happy Trails till we meet~ !

Morgan Tyree said...

Yellowbeard... I hear you on the pricing/value of the book. This is the downside of print-on-demand books. Until a publisher comes along and rescues me (or I win the lottery), this is about all I can do.